Monday, February 23, 2015

Canada UFO Crash 2015...

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Last Wednesday February 18, 2015 in lake Winnipeg, near Jackhead Canada, there was an alleged UFO crash.  There were several eyewitnesses that saw a pyramidal or disk shaped object crash in the frozen lake. Military arrive at the zone and told the witnesses that it was an airplane crash during a military training exercise and that they were not allowed to have or take any pictures of the craft in the lake.

That night facebook and twitter was filled with eyewitnesses stories and photos of what they saw and what the military people told them. The rumor was stronger when photos of the Canadian Forces vehicles in the area, allegedly to contain the UFO crash site made an appearance. 

Lt.-Col. Paul Davies, commanding officer 38 territorial battalion group, involved in an Artic Response Company Group training exercise on the lake Winnipeg  told CBC news that there was no UFO at all, it was all an exercise.  "There'sno aliens, just my friends in the air force who are out helping un on the exercise". 

Davies said soldiers were training to deal with a plane crash and provide ground search and rescue support in the Artic.  If it was all an exercise why all the secrecy and why all the witnesses were detained and no pictures must been taken, that sounds more like a cover up, than an exercise. 

Allegedly the object was being pulled by snow mobiles from the crash site on the lake. The Crash was in a Indian reservation and nobody was allowed to leave or enter the reservation, soldiers were going door to door talking to residents and telling them that all was a military exercise.

After military arrived to the zone they moved all their equipment blocking any view of what mayor have crashed and what they where doing with it.

If all of this was a hoax, a military exercise of in fact a UFO crash we are not sure at the moment. As always history is repeating itself and military are covering everything up with "exercise" stories to maintain people calm and with the curiosity on low levels. If you think about it its all really weird to be just a military routine stuff.  But if all was an exercise crash why the huge mobilization of soldiers and tons of equipment blocking the view of the site?

Also why the eyewitnesses weren't allowed to have any pictures and allegedly they were detained?
Why does anyone wasn't able to enter or exit the reserve and soldiers were losing time going door by door telling the same story to every resident of the reserve? It's like too much trouble and work just for an exercise that is something so common in the military.

We have to be really open minded and question everything, because all things have at least two sides of the story. The one you choose to believe it's your decision...

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Azores and the Underwater Pyramidal Structures

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An underwater pyramidal structure was identified at the Coast of Terceira Island, Azores in a depth of 40 meters. Structure was found by Diocleciano Silva who was having a recreational trip in his private yatch in the area, and saw the structure underwater by his GPS.

By the GPS signal the structure is approximately 60 meter high with a base of 8,000 square meters, with a perfect pyramidal shape and apparently oriented to the cardinal points. Its said that it may be underwater for about 20,000 years, so the responsible for this construction was here around before the ice age and long before Portuguese occupation of the Azores Islands.

Apparently NOAA that is searching the ocean in that part, haven't seen the structure before Mr. Silva did or maybe they are covering up the true...For what purpose?? Maybe because all this structures don't go with the written history? Is there a hidden agenda we are missing? or maybe in fact the structure don't exists?

In past years many archeological remains have being found in the Azorean Archipelago including artifacts from Roman times, cave art, Carthaginian sanctuaries dedicated to ancient goddess Tanit, all preceding Protugueses. Historians though that there were no history in the Archipelago before Portuguese, but now we are discovering the true is very different from previous speculations. 

Rock art was found in Island of Terceira, where they found the underwater pyramidal structure, which also supports the theory that human occupation predates Portugueses.  This art may be dated back to the bronze age. Also around the island there are megalithic structures dating a long time before experts thought when history began in the islands.

Archeologist Nuno Ribeiro has claimed that he found several ruins in Azores from the 4th century BC.  Slowly they are discovering more facts and structures that prove Azores island history is wrong. 

Nuno Ribeiro searching in Azores

Well see where everything goes and how all these facts and structures fit in the history or are they going to rewrite it...

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Giants on Earth

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In our history there are many stories about giants on earth in many if not most cultures. Even in the Christian bible we can found passages that talk about giants roaming on earth, living among us.  For example in Genesis 6:4 we found: "There were giants on the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them...". Not only it talks about the giants also its says that the sons of God came from heaven and reproduce with the earth females. Who were these men that came down from the sky and could reproduce with the human females? They must have reproductive organs similar to human males. Angels as history describe don't have defined sexual organs, but many stories say that they can take human form, maybe to have sexual encounters with earth females and reproduce?

Also we found the famous story about Goliath, found on Samuel 4-7: "Goliath of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span... armed with a coat of mail; and the weight of the coat was five thousand shekels of brass...and the staff of his spear was like a weaver's beam; and his spear head weighed six hundred shekels of iron".  Goliath story is one of the most famous passages of the bible describing a giant. In another passage we found that not only in Gath we could found giants, as told by Joshua 11:22: " No of the gigantic Anakites were left in the land of the Israelites; only in Gaza, Gath, and Ashdod did any remain"

In the book of Chronicles there is the story of how the last giant was killed; " which time Sibbechai the Hushathite slew Sippai, that was of the children of the giant... a man of great stature...and he also was the son of the giant...these were born to the giant in Gath; and they fell by the hand of David, and by the hand of his servants". Another passage describing giants of Gath and several generations of them.

We also found a description of a giant sarcophagus in the fifth book of the Pentateuch: " For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of giants; behold, his bedstead was of iron...nine cubits was the length and four cubits the breadth of it, after the cubit of a man" (Deuteronomy 3:11) the Hebrew cubit was equivalent to 19 inches.  Also in Deuteronomy 2-3 we found:" people great and tall, the sons of the Anakim". 

In the book of Enoch 14th chapter we found that these man came from earth, have sex with human females and from there giants son were born.  Again we found a mixture of DNA from some "heavenly" beings with human DNA and the result were giants.

In Greek histories we found several times the description of there giants, that attacked the Argonauts that were climbing a mountain in the Kapidag, some of these giants were killed by the arrows of Heracles.  Also in the Greek classic The Odyssey, Homer fights a giant Cyclop.

We also can found giant stories in the epic of Gilgamesh, in Sumer cuneiform tablets, in the Mayan Popol Vuh and even the book of the Eskimos. All around the world we can find the stories about the giants living among us.

Another example of giants reproducing with human females can be found in the Kebra Negast (Ethiopia) chapter 100: " the daughters of Cain with whom the angels had coupled became with child, but were unable to bring forth their children, and they died. And some came forth; having split open the bellies of their mothers...and when they grew up they became giants..."

In the book of Baruch we found how many giants lived before the flood:" God caused the deluge upon the earth, destroyed all flesh and four hundred and nine thousand giants. Here he separate the humans referring as all flesh and the giants as non equal.

In 1991, in Fidenae near Rome scientist found a complete human skeleton of a "giant", the skeleton was of a man with gigantism, a disease of the pituitary gland that makes children growth more and than their counterparts due to more concentration of growth hormone in their system. The skeleton was about 6 feet, 8 inches tall, the man would have been a giant in third-century A.D., at that time men averaged about 5 and a half feet tall.

Giant's Tibia compared with the Tibia of a normal Roman male
of the same period

As told to National Geographic " Two partial skeletons, one from Poland and another from Egypt, have previously been identified as "probable" cases of gigantism, but the Roman specimen is the first clear case from the ancient past, study leader Simona Minozzi, a paleopathologist at Italy's University of Pisa, said".

This is an example of what we might say were the giants of the early periods of time, maybe they had gigantism and this is the explanation of their bigger size and because our ancestors didn't understand the disease they just say they were giants living among them.  But this theory doesn't explain all the stories in different cultures and times about the sons of Gods, the giants that came from heaven and breed giant children with the human females, even to the point that some of them were too big to be delivered vaginally; so many women died during childbirth along with the giant babies.  So we still have many things that cant be explained even with our scientific knowledge at the day that can make us understand what they saw, who were these giants and why they came to produce offspring with earth females.

In Syria, professor Denis Saurat found hand axes that weighted 8.4 pounds also in Morocco found some that weight 9.3 pounds, 12.6 inches long and 8.7 inches wide. Professor says that these tools were used by giants and that this can explain the dolmens, menhirs and stone sculptures found all around Europe. 

In Tanzania they found in 1936 oversized human bones and were named Meganthropus africanus, similar were found java and named Meganthropus palaeojavanicus.

Fragments of the Meganthropus  lower jaw (A) is enormous when viewed in comparison with the
 corresponding cut of the lower jaw of a ‘modern man’ (B). The jaw of a male gorilla (C), though equal in
 height, is only about half the thickness of the Meganthropus jaw. Jaw (D) is of a male orangutan.

In conclusion we know that the stories of our ancestors have many accounts of giants visiting earth from "heaven" and living among us, they explained this as the sons of God. as always giving the divine explanation of something they didn't understood. Not only these giants visited earth they procreated offspring with human females, that gave birth to giants.  In moderns times we have found giants skeleton remains in several places around the world and huge tools that can only be used by really big men.  Slowly we are discovering more facts about all these stories, hopefully one day everything will make sense...

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What is Cargo Cult?

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Definition as Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Any of various Melanesian religious groups characterized by the belief that material wealth (as money or manufactured goods) can be obtained through ritual worship.

As this definition we can explain the term in context of the Ancient Astronauts theory, ancient cultures all around the world have histories about how the world was created and when the Gods came from the sky to show them how to progress in life and how things were done easier.  You can take any culture from the Americas to Europe or Asia and all of them have this stories.  To make more interesting those stories all are similar in their gods, from where they came, how they told them creation was made and how all the Gods help them jump start their cultures. Another thing is that the Gods someday leaved earth towards their home in heaven to never come back.
This is why they started the worship, in an effort to bring back their Gods with prayers, images, cults, sacrifices and all kind of daily veneration and also emulation. They put those beings that came from the sky flying in different devices with superior technologies and advanced ideas and methods as Gods, mostly because they didn't understood what was going on. They interpreted what they saw as something divine and they pass the stories when the "Gods" came down to earth to every generation, then when the writing took place all those stories and methods to worship the Gods were written down. That way all the future generations will know who the Gods were and what they brought from their home in heaven to them.  What if those Gods were extraterrestrials that came to earth to interact with us and help us with our evolution and technological development? And our ancestors took them as Gods...
Cargo cult was seen in some regions of the South Pacific during World War II. We can see that this behavior is not only in our ancestors, it was not their mere imagination making fantasy stories about beings coming down from heaven. Anyone even in this century can misunderstand a simple technology if its not familiarized with it. So its going to explain it with the things that they are used to see. For example even to this day some indian cultures still call the train a Fire Horse even though they now have the correct name which is a train.  This can happen with cultures we found in the Amazon for example, that they have never been in contact with any being outside of their culture.
Maybe this is why in many cultures stories we found terms like, fiery chariot, flying serpent, flying dragon with fire out of the mouth and many other depictions made because of misunderstanding of their flying method.
South Pacific's venerating the flying chariot of the Gods
We can not tell that the stories of our ancestors were fantasy or reality, but it makes more sense that they were writing what they saw and what really happened with the "Gods". Even there are stories of battles between the Gods in the sky with fire and strange weapons in Indian writings. They saw the battle and wrote it to keep it in history of the culture. So if we take all those stories as historical events, most if not all cultures were jump started by beings that came flying from heaven that they depicted as Gods. They show them agriculture, astronomy, government rules, how to construct shelter, how universe was created and many other useful stuff to help them grow to then going away after their work was done to never come back and were called Gods by our ancestors. That's how Cargo Cult as Ancient Astronaut theory is explained...
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Friday, February 13, 2015

Drawings of the Gods

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All around America and the world we can found massive carvings, drawings and all kind of signals in the ground that can be seen from the air. Why our ancestor put those markings there? For who? Why can be seen only from air? Let's review some of the places and the drawings so we can have a better perspective.

Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines in Peru are some of the most famous drawings in history, because of their massive size, their localization and their vast numbers of different types of drawings.  They are localized on a mountain made of dark rock material that if you remove the first layer there is a almost white color underneath. So the Peruvian ancestors use this to draw, removing the rock to create lines, patterns and the ultimate result of beautiful, skilled drawings.

Fish: Its about 25 meters in diameter. 
We can see the fish like structure with some fins and a bifurcated tail.

Spider: About 46 meters in diameter.
We can see 8 legs, the round abdomen and the head.

Monkey: About 60 meters in diameter. 
We can see the head with two ears, the 4 extremities with 4 fingers in one upper extremity and 5 in the other one.
In the lower extremities we can see 3 toes in each one. Also it has a long tail.

Condor: About 110 meters diameter.
We can see the head with the beak, the open wings like its flying and the long feathers in the tail.

Hummingbird: About 250 meters in diameter.
We can see the long beak in his head, the open wings and the long tail with several feathers.

These are only a small number of examples of the Nazca lines there are hundreds of drawings, not only of animals but also geometrical patterns like this one:

Mandala like geometric pattern

Pampa de San Jose, Peru

In Peru also we find a human like figure called "El Astronauta" (The Astronaut) which is 29 meters high. It has big round eyes, round head, a long body with some kind of suit and big shoes. His arms one is pointing towards the sky and the other towards the earth, telling us some kind of message.

Atacama Desert, Chile

In chile we can found in a mountain a 20 meters in diameter drawing of a human like form with rectangular body, some kind of suit, antenna from his square head and big round eyes. It is kind of pointing towards the sky with pincer like tongs. Hanging from right arm there is kind of a monkey animal figure.

Blythe, Colorado

Near Blythe Colorado there are several figures of animals and humans up to 100 meters in diameter that can be seen also only from the air. One of the drawings has a elongated body with long upper and lower extremities and a weird shaped head.

Appalachians, Eastern North America 

Here we can found around 5,000 pictures made by Indians that can be seen from Air. mostly of animals and daily living things.

Sacaton, Arizona

Here we can found a human like figure of around 46 meters in diameter.

These are some examples of the many drawing that can be found in several places all around America. All of them in massive proportions that can be seen only from the air, maybe part of some message our ancestors were telling the Gods and that today we can see and have proof that they were more advanced than we thought. The question is for what purpose they made those drawings? Were they telling the Gods a welcome message?  Were they praying for them to come again? Were the drawings how they write history of what they saw and lived?

We will never know for sure why they did them, but what we can be sure of its that they made them for someone in the air to see!

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